Started in 2006 by guitarist/vocalist Mark (formerly of Remover and The Cordova Project), The Quick Are The Dead hit the ground running, writing and recording a six-song EP titled, Love Songs For Those Who Hate Love Songs, in the upcoming months. Featuring the likes of Downface/The Russian Flu/Stonelifter drummer Russ Gray, New Black Seven guitarist Jason Herman, regional circuit vet Matt Skinner on bass, and El Caminos stickman Jeff Bahr, the EP would showcase the band’s big rock riffs coupled with tasteful pop-inspired melodies. Keeping a permanent lineup of such intensely industrious musicians would prove fruitless, however, and the project had to take a new direction.

Enter Ed Skinner. The younger brother of the aforementioned Matt Skinner, Ed had been sticking in a variety of local groups before being introduced. A motivated man with a tireless work ethic, Ed brought a solidifying presence to the Quickster project and swiftly cemented a songwriting relationship with Mark. The two promptly penned what would become the first five songs of the new-lineup TQATD (an EP titled BE), recorded them @ HPJ’s new Iris Road studio, and put them into print as of August 2009. Currently, the band takes shape in the form of an isosceles triangle; Mark on guitar/vox, Ed on drums, and brother Matt on bass.

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