The Love Local Music Podcast

The Love Local Music Podcast

Interviews about various types of the audible art-form labeled “music.”  Gain insights from groups, artists, songwriters and performers to those behind the scenes in radio, live sound, audio production, venue ownership and more.

About the hosts –

Mark Betthauser has been playing, writing, and recording in the Western Wisconsin area for over 20 years.  A move to Minneapolis at the turn of the millennium afforded him a chance to work with former Helmet FOH engineer and AmRep producer Tim Mac, after which, his love of recorded material escalated.  Since then, Mark has been part of numerous local projects, recording at his own HPJ Studios, playing live and helping other musicians through their own creative processes.

Current projects include:
The Quick Are The Dead
Buck Nutty & The Trailer Park Board Of Directors

Former projects include:
Blue White Fish
The Bonneville Roof Riders
Double-Wide Royalty
The El Caminos

Brandon Holmes has been promoting local arts for 13+ years in various regions of the country. Networking public events and pursuing digital exploration for other artists to have an online presence. Starting off in his native Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Brandon closely associated with independent and underground scene, helping bands and venues alike reach a broader audience. Brandon currently resides in Western Wisconsin, utilizing his promotional skills to serve those in the rural area under the banner of Tomah Connect.

Current project:
Tomah Connect

Former projects include:
Total Assault
Invisible / Underground Inc.
The Basement

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