Check out some of the artists that we know & love:

Floyd Turbo

Beer started a band.


Taking root from La Crosse-based OVERyou eight years prior (and with three original members), Stonelifter delivers selfless and enduring contemporary hard rock/metal in the vein of Big Wreck, Alter Bridge and Down.

The Quick Are The Dead

From the heart of the Midwest comes straightforward, honest & charged rock. The Quick Are The Dead represent a powerful blend of straight ahead guitar hooks, power-pop sensibility, and a sprinkling of the Midwest underground indie scene to create what one could only describe as good, solid rock songs. The Quick Are The Dead are always writing, recording, and seeking those who will listen. Enjoy.

The Russian Flu

Musical point of view from a one-man band – Russ Gray and his musical visions are backed by a variety of local and national artists hand-picked to perform each piece. The simplicity of well-written and thoughtful songs shines through, allowing anyone with an ear access. Beautiful, melodic, understated – The Russian Flu.

Tragic Americans

Steeped in hard rock and blues traditions, Tragic Americans use hard chords and sweet melodies to push the Driftless Area’s musical heritage to a new level.

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